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The Welcome House

Was able to pop in on the opening celebration of Design Philadelphia at Love Park last night. It was also the opening of The Welcome House, a very cool temporary art installation by artist Marianne Bernstein, and a project of First Person Arts in partnership with InLiquid. First Person Arts is an organization that for the past three years has been using the arts for public engagement. This is exactly the sort of project I would like to see much more of throughout the City. It is art that is temporary, of the highest quality, wakes people up and confronts/engages/delights them in the course of their daily routine. Last night's celebration of Design Philadelphia was also remarkable - a party whose participants ran the gamut from hipsters to the homeless. Minima, the gallery in Old City which specializes in contemporary furniture design, was able to arrange for the installation of an array of very sleek white outdoor furniture in the park, so for the run of this installation the park will each become Philadelphia's newest open air lounge. The First Person Arts annual festival will take place November 3-8 at the Painted Bride.


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Making Big Change at a Small Foundation

The significant actions of very large foundations like Ford and Mellon, both in response to COVID and the imperative to address racism and social justice, have understandably received considerable attention, in both the general press and the philanthropy press. The work that they have been doing has been extraordinary. From Ford announcing an allocation of 10% of their assets - $1 billion - towards  impact investing in opportunities like affordable housing and economic opportunity, and committing $156 million to support arts organizations run by people of color,  to Mellon's recent announcement of a $250 million commitment to reimagine monuments in America, these commitments are big and meaningful.There are about 120,000 foundation in the US, mostly independent private foundations (as opposed to community foundations and operating foundation). 98% of these foundations are smaller, with assets of $50 million or less. If you use a cutoff of $100 million or less, the figure is probab…

A life of cycling...

Like many people in these pandemic times, I have been bicycle riding more than usual. The closed roads in City Park have made it our go-to location for family cycling. I have been cycling as my favorite recreational activity to stay fit and sane. Finally, now that I am able to work in my office (new space that lends itself well to COVID-safe working) I am able to take a route that is almost entirely on the partially closed 16th and 11th Avenues, so I am also commuting by bike almost every day.
This has gotten me thinking of my long history with bikes, and thought it might be fun to reflect on my life in cycling.
Do not remember when I first learned to ride. I remember perhaps at around the age of six my father trying to teach me to ride, doing the "run alongside holding onto the back of the seat then letting go" thing but he had little patience, and I was probably a difficult student. He gave up and so did I. I remember a couple of years later - I was perhaps 8 by this time - …

My Youth on Record Podcast

I have been inactive on my personal blog for way too long! Just so much going on professionally, personally, that it has been hard to prioritize this blog. Hoping to be better going forward, perhaps inspired by this crazy pandemic time we are in.

This is a blog post I started working on quite a while ago. Last year I had the pleasure of participating in the My Youth on Record podcast series. Youth on Record is a wonderful Denver organization that engages local working musicians to work as teaching artists in local public schools, the goal being to engage youth that would otherwise be in danger of dropping out. They also put on an annual community Block Party that would be happening very soon, and obviously can't happen this year, which is why it may be on my mind. This event has become a tradition with me and my daughter Esme - one year she even got to go up on stage with me as I made some remarks. It is a wonderful, inclusive, family-friendly celebration for the community.

YOR and…