Monday, October 12, 2009

Barnes video - part II

This is a second video that has Williams and Tsien demonstrating the model, and also shows a number of renderings.This is a wonderful way to come to understand and appreciate their design, I think, short of having them personally walk you through it. They did a very successful presentation earlier this week to a few hundred cultural and civic leaders, along with landscape architect Lori Olin. I think this design is about as good a solution to this challenge as is imaginable. The existing Barnes is a very special place, but I think this new facility will come pretty close to replicating that experience, or even (dare I say it) enhancing it, while at the same time making the collection much more accessible and accommodating more visitors, adding a new temporary exhibition gallery, more classroom and support space, an auditorium, and a beautiful landscape addition to the Parkway. If construction proceeds on schedule the building should be done by end of 2011 and ready to open to the public sometime in early 2012.

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