Friday, August 28, 2009

Great Philly coverage in today's New York Times!

Today's New York Times features not just one but TWO major stories highlighting Philadelphia culture. 
This story  covers an array of less well known Philadelphia cultural organizations and spaces, including Fluxspace, and a new Mural Arts Program installation in West Philly called "Love Letters." It also celebrates our robust food scene, including the wealth of BYOBs. The other story is a review of the new Duchamp show at Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Mural Arts Project piece also got some nice coverage in the Wall Street Journal.

I think these stories are a reminder of the work of national and international significance that is taking place in Philadelphia every day. It has become almost a stereotype that Philly locals don't appreciate what is in their own backyard. Attention like this from the outside helps to reaffirm our extraordinary cultural (and culinary arts!) assets. I suppose one of my advantages in doing my job is that in many ways I DO see Philadelphia with the eyes of an outsider, and can truly appreciate it all, without taking it for granted.

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